Confidence is key. This is extremely true if you’re heading into a job interview or 30 seconds away from a first date. But, imagine when you’re getting ready in the bathroom or passing a reflective mirror and you glance over and see your reflection and your confidence takes an immediate hit. Why? Well, it’s because your teeth are yellow or stained.

Maybe you’re on good terms with your dental health. You brush when you’re supposed to, you floss regularly, and use mouthwash, but your teeth still aren’t looking their best. All of us start out with pristine white teeth, due to the enamel which covers the surface of the tooth. Enamel is the armor that covers your teeth, and it’s designed to safeguard against damage from acid caused by sugar, chewing, and other attacks.

As you get older and the years pass by, the enamel on your teeth wears down. It gradually becomes more transparent, and it allows the yellow color of the core of the tooth, also known as dentin, to become visible. Also, while you’re chewing food, millions of microscopic cracks start to appear on the surface of the enamel. These cracks can be filled up with food debris and other staining agents, which is why teeth can lose their shine and gain a dull, yellowish look.

That’s the bad news, but here’s the good news. At Smiles by Dr. Santos, LLC, we utilize numerous teeth whitening methods. The idea is to remove the stains and debris stuck in those cracks and enhance the look of your teeth. With in-office whitening, a highly concentrated peroxide gel is applied to the teeth while the gums are protected. With the take-home whitening, either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is applied to whiten the teeth for a period of time.

Contact us today for an appointment, and we’ll determine which option is best for you and your smile.